APEC Knowledge Cafe

Action on Preeclampsia Ghana (APEC Ghana) has since 2019 been delivering quality and in-depth research, and education to the public especially pregnant women, mothers, and their families about Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy (HDP). In this regard, APEC Ghana creates avenues to bring together experts from different fields ranging from Clinicians, Psychologists, and other areas of expertise to share practical experiences, and updates on the management of HDP to help practitioners improve on decision-making, communication, and treatment of HDP.

The APEC Knowledge Café is thus one of the virtual mediums through which knowledge is disseminated virtually to all the relevant stakeholders, stated supra including patients and their families.

Expected Outcomes
At the end of the Knowledge Cafés, it is expected that;

  1. Caregivers of women with HDP will be equipped with the most updated treatment modalities and management of HDP.

  2. Clinicians and other specialists will be encouraged to undertake more research to add to the wealth of knowledge already existing on the care of women with HDP.

  3. The general public will be empowered with the necessary knowledge about HDP, its signs & symptoms, and its management.

  4. Most doubts and questions in the minds of the public about HDP will be cleared.

Knowledge Café I

Knowledge Café II

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