A year ago today a tiny baby girl was born. 
Baby Grace born prematurely due to Severe Preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. Indicative of her fighting spirit whiles in the womb, Baby Grace weighing 0.9 grams, cried loud enough to express her chance at life upon her arrival!!!
Oh how happy she was to see the glimpse of the sun.
But She was so tiny and frail !!!
During her stay in the womb, she experienced a lot of hardships.
From placental malfunction, to persistent malnutrition, to growth restrictions and external stress.Yet she fought on……!
She was greatly loved, but there was a missing link.
There was great optimism and preparation towards her arrival.
Special experts did all that they could to prolong and sustain her stay in the womb to a full term.
Unfortunately, three days after her arrival, Baby Grace passed on.
In as much as she fought and tried to hold on upon her arrival on earth , the deficiency of science, a stressed healthcare system and the dichotomy of acceptance and rejection made it impossible for her to make earth her home.
Indeed, her host ,her carrier was devastated.
For there was so much hope because of all the top-notch experts she was surrounded with, her undying faith and over ambition that the story can change.
For even when others said No, she said Yes !
At the expense and risk of her own life and that of her family.
Not to talk of the physical discomfort, economic burden and emotional stress that came with the pregnancy.
She did all that she could for Baby Grace to join her family.
The death of Baby Grace brought much tears, disappointment and grief. The loss of Baby Grace, was a tragedy born out of hope and over ambition.
However, following every event in life including tragedies, the following lessons were learnt by her carrier:

  1. Science has a limitation
  2. Health Practitioners have limitations
  3. Clinicians do not know it all
  4. Clinicians can only predict but not guarantee an outcome
  5. A stressed and under-developed healthcare system, will fail you
  6. A stressed healthcare system can cause preventable death(s)
  7. Neonatal health care in Ghana needs urgent attention
  8. The National health Insurance in Ghana must do more for Pregnant women
  9. Couples must go through the journey of pregnancy together
  10. Mothers must listen to their instinct during pregnancy
  11. Mothers must take charge of their health.

As Baby Grace’s mother remembers her one year on today, she bears in mind the pain of all women who for one reason or another, may have lost their babies due to other pregnancy complications other than Preeclampsia, Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome.
Together they say “Forever in our hearts, Always remembered”

In loving memory of Baby Grace

Born: 24th April, 2020
Died: 27th April, 2020

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